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Exhibition Presentation Book

The Soul Survivors exhibition at the National Museum was spread across 7000 square feet in 3 large galleries, one for each tribe. 80 photographs, 3 documentaries running simultaneously in each of the galleries, chosen artefacts and objects from daily life, and mannequins dressed in traditional attire made it the most unique multi media exhibition at the Museum. Despite running in the hot month of May which draws the lowest footfall, the exhibition attracted about 2000 visitors from all age groups and different parts of the world.

The Apa Tani Exhibit

The Apa Tani exhibit comprised 25 photographs, had a ubiquitous presence of bamboo, a seating area, large-sized reproduction of quotidian objects like utensils and hand woven baskets, rare artefacts like a necklace made of mithun teeth, and Anu’s seminal documentary, The Apa Tani of Arunachal Pradesh, screened on an LCD screen. The photographs were stunning portraits and a decade \nlater each of these has become an archival document of a culture that has got irretrievably altered at the altar of modernisation.

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